Care for the environment

Too often we take natural resources as granted. The development and contemporary way of life have a deep impact on such resources. It is frightening to imagine that if all the plastic glasses produced in a single day were put in a line, we would make a circle of glasses around the equator.

We are all too well aware of this problem which is why we tackled it from the very first day.

We need to emphasise that we only use renewable sources of energy for heating and cooling – water, air, sun. Our restaurant is free from plastic, we recycle waste, use saving light bulbs, support local producers that provide us with daily fresh and quality food without the unnecessary transport. We are glad that our guests share the same beliefs and support us.

Since summer 2022 we are so proud to be an owner of international certification GREEN KEY!

it is confirmation of our past work and also obligation to even increase sustainability, which is the only way that our planet should go!