Nives and Vili

We first visited Hiša posebne sorte on the 14th of March 2015. That was the day that we got engaged.  Whenever we talked about the wedding, we always said that we won’t complicate and that we will marry during the week at the administrative unit, without the ceremony. But when we saw the ambient of Hiša posebne sorte and tasted their culinary, we fell in love at the first sight and decided that we want to have the whole wedding ceremony there. We planned the whole ceremony concept with the landlord, Mr. Vid., right after the dinner.

Finally came the 30th of May 2015, the day of our wedding. We don’t want to be sugary, but that was the happiest day in our lives. And that thanks to the Hiša posebne sorte and their landlords and the whole team. They really did their best for the great atmosphere and the culinary excess.  It was really great. The guests were enthusiastic and they are still talking about Hiša posebne sorte as the most beautiful and the best restaurant far and wide. The wine and the household fare were excellent. Their apartments are also great for sleepover.

We once more want to thank from the bottom of our hearts the whole Hiša posebne sorte team, who made our wedding day the most unforgettable day in our lives.  You are perfect.

We strongly recommend!