Massages and therapies

In order to achieve an optimal therapeutic effect along with complete physical and mental relaxation, we recommend a massage treatment lasting several days. The whole-body combination of massages is conducted with the use of top quality essential oils and through an individual approach to the needs of each client.

This enables us to achieve great results on soft muscle tissue, blood circulation, lymphatic system functions and the wholesome balance of the mind and body. Effects of the massage promote the proper functioning of the body, relaxation and wellbeing.

The three-day massage treatment is conducted for an hour and a half each day. Longer or shorter sessions may be arranged with the therapist.

In conjunction with walks across the forest trails and meadows of the unspoiled Branica valley and the quality organic home-grown food and drink you can enjoy here, the positive effects of the massage on your general health will be further solidified and improved.

Massages are conducted by qualified reflex massage therapists.