Point for cycling

Our house lies in a nice valley, at the crossroads of the Karst region and the Vipava Valley. It would be difficult to imagine a better starting point for cycling. The trail leads through the romantic Karst landscape all the way down to the sea. All this is accompanied by pleasant Mediterranean scents and beautiful Karst villages. On the other hand, the Vipava Valley, surrounded by a hilly terrain, has been long a well-known challenge in the cycling circles. Besides the cycling race Tour of Slovenia, the popular Giro d’Italia passed through this area twice. Our cycling trails feature various levels of difficulty. We also hosted professional cycling teams.  And finally – the cycling season thanks to the favourable climate and mild winters is open all year around.

Our guests have the possibility to rent bicycles from us or even directly with quick application procedure. With our colleagues  https://www.rockvelo.com/ we can assure you great experience!

We have prepared for you 3 basic cycling routes through beautiful nature that surrounds us.



            Napoleon`s bridge over the Vipava river during an e-bike tour of the Vipava Valley.       


1. Mtb bike rent 35€ per day

2. E-bike rent 49€ per day

The River – easy cycling route

This cycling route takes you along the Branica & Vipava river, where you can enjoy the tranquillity and even go for a swim on a hot summer day. The route is also suitable for children, as it does not contain many steep climbs – keep in mind you will partly ride in traffic.  You`ll cycle under Rihemberk Castle, located on the hill above the town of Branik. From there you`ll do a loop on a gravel road to the village of Dornberk – a perfect place to stop for tea or a snack. Route back to our hotel is easy and takes you on known roads.


E-bike tour of Vipava valley

(Cycling circuit of Vipava Valley – suitable for electric bikes)

This slightly longer trip takes you over wine growing hills, from where you descend down to the Vipava valley. An astonishing view over the valley’s vineyards to Nanos, Čaven and Gora awaits you. You`ll cycle through some of the most beautiful vineyards and villages around. After a stop in the old town of Vipava, you`ll continue your trip up to the charming medieval hill-top town of Kriz! This is a perfect place for easy lunch – we recommend bike-point Vipava valley goodies on the main square! On the way back to the hotel you`ll just have one more climb with magnificent views – and then easy ride back to the starting point.  will cycle on country roads and experience some of the most beautiful corners of our valley. This trip is a real pleasure on electric bikes!


E-bike tour of Karst

The cycling trip takes you to Karst, which is famous for its stone, wine Teran and prosciutto. The trip begins with easy cycling through Branica river valley. Then you`ll ascend the “Iron Gate Pass” which offers astonishing views over the valley, all the way to the Alps. Once you conquer the slope, a calm cycling through the karst villages awaits you. Take your time to admire the skill of stonemasons that shows in the authentic karst architecture. Following the side roads and macadam paths you will arrive in the village of Štanjel; which deserves some time to explore and to refresh yourself. The only thing still awaiting you is a descent to the Branica valley and an easy cycling back to the hotel. Since this trip is hilly, we recommend using E-bikes!